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IDCC WELCOMES THE MODEST INCREASE IN OFFICAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (ODA) – The international development budget announced last night has provided for a small increase of around 4% in ODA on the previous year’s estimates, taking it to just over $4.96 billion, an increase of $193 million for 2024-25.

The IDCC is pleased that total ODA will reach the $5 billion per annum mark in 2025-26, a full year before it was expected and welcomes a sustained increase in ODA investment into Australia’s neighbours alongside measures directed at implementation of the new international development policy priorities.

Geographic growth in ODA allocation is focused on the Pacific and Southeast Asia, mirroring the Government’s commitment to enhanced diplomatic relationships across these regions. IDCC members have extensive experience designing and delivering strategic initiatives focused on implementing the Australian Governments ODA goals in these regions and beyond and look forward to continuing their partnership with the Australian Government.

The IDCC is also pleased with the ongoing enhanced budget commitment to the sectoral priorities of climate change and environment, and gender equality, disability, and social inclusion (including LGBTQIA+) that flow from last year’s new international development policy.

The IDCC especially welcomes the government’s commitment to fund new pilot programs in the Pacific and Southeast Asia introducing essential screening for children in schools to support the provision of assistive devices including eyeglasses, hearing, and mobility aids and hopes that the pilots’ success will result in an expansion of the program.

Joanne Choe, Chair of the IDCC Board, said:
“IDCC members stand ready to continue their collaboration with government, providing useful insights from the international development contractor and consulting community to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as they finalise their soon to be delivered strategies.”

We note that despite announcing increased ODA funding (including record ODA investment into the Pacific) in 2024-25 and maintenance of the commitment to nominally increasing the ODA budget by 2.5% per annum, that some in the international development community are concerned that the long-term ODA/GNI trends down.

Nathan Hansford, IDCC CEO, said:
“Although the ODA/GNI continues to trend downwards even with the commitment to increase the ODA budget by 2.5% per annum, we note that the Government can achieve excellent value for money by making strategic investments in the region and working with partners who deliver sustainable, impactful results. IDCC members are pleased to work as partners and suppliers to DFAT in working towards a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Indo-Pacific.”


Enquiries to Nathan Hansford, CEO IDCC,

International Development Contractors Community (IDCC) is the formal peak body representing international development consultants and contractors working with the Australian aid program. IDCC members have enduring partnerships with actors in the region borne from working together to deliver effective development assistance.

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