About Us

International Development Contractors Community (IDCC) is the formal peak body representing international development consultants and contractors working with the Australian aid program.

There are thousands of technical and professional people who have been working with the Australian aid program for a long time, both in Australia and overseas. Not only are they passionate about improving the lives of people in developing countries, they have a wealth of experience, skills, knowledge and contacts which ensure projects are implemented and sustainable.

The word ‘community’ in the IDCC name is a deliberately chosen word – the IDCC is intended to be an inclusive community of technical and professional aid workers, employed as private sector contractors and consultants – present and past. The IDCC will establish a strong working relationship with the Australian Government, enabling DFAT to develop a more strategic partnership approach to its relationships with contractors.

The idcc aims to

Increase public awareness
Increase public awareness of the achievements of the Australian aid program as delivered by its members

Advocate on behalf of members
Advocate on behalf of members, which includes providing accurate and evidence-based information to policy makers and influencers, on Australian aid delivery and impact

Shape & influence public policy
Shape and influence public policy on Australian aid and international development

Raise capability to respond
Raise member awareness and capability to respond to the evolving legislative and policy requirements of the Australian Government

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Haycock

Jane has a wealth of diplomatic and international development experience in British and Australian governments including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Jane is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Her most recent role before her CEO appointment was with DFAT’s InnovationXchange.

The IDCC Board

Joanne Choe

Board Chair, IDCC

Head of Program Quality and Gender, DT-Global Asia Pacific

Therese Faulkner

Board Vice-Chair, IDCC

Business Group Leader, International Development Assistance, GHD

Nicky Thatcher

Executive Director, Sustineo

Rachel Mason Nunn

Director, Strategy, Governance and Delivery, Equity Economics and Development Partners

Michaela Sargent

Chief Executive Officer, Exemplar

Brad Bowman

International Development Director, SMEC

Sara Webb

Principal, Duniya Consulting