Our Purpose

IDCC Vision

The IDCC sees itself a dynamic, sustainable advocacy platform for companies and individual consultants engaged in international development. The IDCC engages in thought leadership and high-level dialogue with parliamentarians and government officials, ensuring the experiences and views of the contracting community are taken on board in shaping and influencing public policy. Monthly Board meetings, bi-annual member meetings, webinars and other events provide IDCC members with opportunities to engage in the dialogue that facilitate these endeavours. In addition to advocating, educating and facilitating engagement on international development issues, the IDCC also informs and advocates on contracting, regulatory, legislative, business process and business development issues with key legislative and executive stakeholders.


There are many thousands of technical and professional people who have been working with the Australian aid program for a long time, both in Australia and overseas. Not only are they passionate about improving the lives of people in developing countries, they have a wealth of experience, skills, knowledge and contacts which ensure projects are implemented and sustainable. 

These people – irrespective of which contracting firm they work for – are a genuine community of dedicated professionals, with much to contribute to international development policy and strategy formulation.  

Having a peak body which represents the organisations involved in international development, and the individuals who work as consultants, contractors and employees of these organisations, means that we can speak as a united voice.  This voice brings attention to the great work we do, and the positive impact we make – both in our neighbouring countries, and in the relationship Australia has with the rest of the world. This voice also brings ideas and opinions to the policy space, which we can help shape with our wealth of experience and our understanding of people, culture and systems in our neighbouring countries.


The International Development Contractors Community was established as a company limited by guarantee in early 2018, with a formal membership structure.  This followed many years of an informal group of contractors getting together to obtain regular updates from DFAT (and the former AusAID), but without any broader agenda around advocacy.  Since its establishment, the IDCC has established a strong working relationship with the Australian Government, enabling DFAT to develop a more strategic partnership approach to its relationships with contractors.


The IDCC works to a Strategic Plan which is reviewed each year, with the help of our members.  The Company Directors all give their time and effort to deliver the activities set out in the Strategic Plan, with the assistance from time to time of paid administrative/management services, policy services, and advocacy services.  Member organisations also provide operational assistance from time to time, providing help with communications materials, providing speakers for events, and developing and contributing to the IDCC website.


The IDCC is resourced through Membership Fees paid annually by our members.  Fees are differentiated by the size of the organisation (small, medium, large) and by the type of membership (regular or enhanced, with enhanced membership providing more strategic engagement in shaping the direction of the IDCC).  There are also individual memberships available on a regular or enhanced basis.


The IDCC has a Board comprising seven Directors, all of whom have been nominated, and elected through a process contained in the IDCC Constitution.  One third of Directors must stand down before each Annual General Meeting, and can re-nominate if they wish.  New nominees for Board Directors are sought each year.

The AGM is held each year, in accordance with the IDCC Constitution, where Director elections are held, and financial statements produced and examined.