What does the word ‘Community’ mean for IDCC?

The word community was chosen as it recognises that thousands of committed, professional people from the private sector are involved in the delivery of the Australian aid program.

They include contractors and consultant businesses that are large and small. And they also include many individuals working as employees of contractor and consulting firms, working in Australia and in-country.

IDCC has been formed as a mechanism to bring people together to work on issues of common interest from across the whole service value chain.

Who can be a member of IDCC?

Members can include businesses and individuals in the private sector who are currently or seek to be involved in the implementation of the Australian Aid Program.

More information about membership to the IDCC can be found here.

How do I become a member?

A membership application form and further information about becoming a member of IDCC can be found here.

How is the IDCC funded?

IDCC is funded by membership fees, with scope to receive funding from other sources such as sponsorship or fees for management of projects.

Why was the IDCC formed?

The IDCC was formed after international development contractors and consultants recognised that collaborative and inclusive representation will strengthen advocacy on what members are doing and achieving with the Australian aid program.

Previously, private sector representation for international development contractors was through a small voluntary network – IDC Australia. Since the formation of IDC Australia in the 1990s, the Australian aid program has experienced major changes and evolved in terms of strategy and suppliers. It became timely for contractors and consultants to respond to this change by organising differently to engage effectively with government and other parties.

What is IDCC?

International Development Contractors Community (IDCC) is the newly created organisation representing international development contractors and consultants working with the Australian aid program.

IDCC was formed as a lean, agile organisation that can scale up and down quickly to provide optimal value for members.

When was the IDCC formed?

IDCC was formed as a legal entity and launched at the DFAT Aid Supplier Conference on 15 February 2018.

At the Aid Supplier Conference IDCC began a membership drive to sign-up financial members and invite nomination of IDCC Directors for election at a General Meeting.