We are a membership organisation that delivers results for our members and for the broader international development community.

We have deep industry understanding, and we draw on strategic, policy and programmatic depth and technical excellence from across our membership to drive international development in our region and beyond.

Our members deliver and manage a diverse range of policies, projects and programmes on behalf of the Australian Government in its partner countries. We partner with local enterprises, in-country governments and the Australian Government to deliver projects ranging from largescale health and education programmes to economic development, infrastructure, governance, as well as community and gender empowerment programmes.

Our members, as contractors, also help design programmes, provide technical advisory and evaluation support to the Australian and partner country governments.

Information Briefs

The IDCC’s members have formed a range of information briefs about the community’s place and value to Australia’s international development policy, programming and practice.  We will continue to add to these to inform members and non-members.

IDCC Information Brief No 1

Private sector contractors in the Australian aid program

IDCC Information Brief No 2

The advantages of using contractors

IDCC Information Brief No 3

Accountability and effectiveness of contractors

IDCC Information Brief No 4

 Linking policy with program delivery, taking advantage of contractor’s expertise and experience

IDCC Information Brief No 5

 Contractor payment rates


The IDCC has released several statements about important international development issues that have emerged in the recent past. These statements include the value of international development, the community’s and our members’ place and value to Australia’s foreign and domestic sectors. We encourage you to examine our views and our efforts in supporting Australia and countries in our region and beyond.

IDCC statement on Australian Government’s Covid-19 international development strategy

ACFID-IDCC joint statement, 2019

Media statement IDCC welcomes increased development budget, October 2022

IDCC statement welcoming incoming Labor Government, May 2022

Submissions made to Parliament and Government, including DFAT.

The IDCC regularly makes submissions to the Australian Parliament, including Parliamentary Committees, and to the Australian Government. Our submissions are intended to further Australia’s international development, partnerships, relations, and to further the understanding of the role of our members in achieving these purposes. 

Australia’s IDCC submissions have included those to:

February 2020

Australian Government (through DFAT) on the reset of Australia’s international development policy (February 2020)

May 2019

the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on the Design of the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific

October 2018

the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on its Soft Power Review