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Media Release – Inaugural Board of IDCC Elected

Following its first General Meeting in Canberra, the International Development Contractors Community (IDCC) has elected an inaugural board of directors.
IDCC was formed in February 2018 as the independent body to represent international development contractors working within the Australian aid sector. The new board of 5 directors will represent members ranging from large business to independent consultants.
Therese Faulkner has been appointed as the inaugural Chair of IDCC, the independent body which represents international development contractors working within the Australian aid sector. Ms Faulkner is currently a Senior Development Specialist with Coffey International Development and also helped lead the process to form the IDCC.
Ms Faulkner says “IDCC members have been delivering development projects for the Australian government to more than 50 countries in the Indo-Pacific region for more than 50 years”. She adds “Our community of professionals work on projects ranging from water and sanitation improvements to health initiatives, from training teachers and midwives to building roads and bridges, from strengthening approaches to law and justice to improving public financial management. What we do not only provides benefits to people in developing countries, but also maintains positive relationships which are in Australia’s interest”.
The four other board members appointed are:
– Joanne Choe – Regional Manager PNG and Pacific, Cardno International Development
– Richard Moore – Partner and Principal Strategist, Positive Influence
– Stuart Schaefer – Senior Consultant, Johnstaff International Development
– Bernadette Whitelum – Director, The Whitelum Group
Exiting interim Chair of IDCC Brian Ramsay says “I am confident that each new board member has a clear vision for the IDCC which will guide the organisation forward and ensure it fulfils its important purpose, to represent the international development contractors effectively and fully.”
Mr Ramsay added, “each of the inaugural board members has a wealth of experience in the international development sector, and will contribute greatly to the value of IDCC for members.”
The new IDCC board looks forward to engaging with the Australian Government on the future of the aid program, bringing ideas to the table on improving aid effectiveness to ensure the best outcomes for our neighbouring countries and for Australia.
Contact: Therese Faulkner
P: +61 2 6124 5603
M: +61 434 607 595