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Media Release: IDCC Responds to 2018-19 Australian Aid Budget

The IDCC welcomes the small increase in the aid program as a first step towards restoring Australia’s capacity to invest in the long-term security and stability of our region, according to Therese Faulkner, co-Director of the International Development Contractors Community (IDCC).
While the budget outcome arrests the aid program’s downward trend of recent years, there is clearly scope to do more, given the government’s surging revenues. This comes at a time when the need for Australia to engage positively with the Asia-Pacific region is stronger than ever.
The budget initiative to build internet cabling for PNG and the Solomon Islands has potential benefits, which deserve further detailed analysis.
The Foreign Policy White Paper notes Indonesia’s fundamental importance to Australia, and how development assistance supports Indonesia’s efforts to tackle inequality and maintain social stability, promote tolerance and pluralism, and counter violent extremism. The reduction in development assistance to Indonesia, therefore, needs careful management to ensure these important goals of regional stability are not compromised.
Australia’s standing int he region is enhanced when we work with neighbouring governments on well-planned long-term aid programs for better health and education outcomes, improvements to governance and services, and greater economic opportunities.

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The International Development Contractors Community (IDCC) is the formal peak body representing the technical and professional personnel working as international development consultants and contractors with the Australian aid program.
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